The “process” that is vocal study: One teacher’s viewpoint

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Prior to the start of vocal lessons you likely took some time to communicate with your instructor. You may have shared with this person some of your goals and aspirations as a means to determine if they were the best person to help you.

Then the day arrives and vocal lessons begin and you immerse yourself in the process. Vocal lessons should be fun; there should be a certain level of excitement in the process as we move through lessons and develop our skills as singers. We must, however, use caution in the way in which we view our own development as we move through lessons.

From one person to the next, our goals will vary as to what we want to accomplish in vocal lessons.  

It is best to approach vocal lessons without specific expectations as to how fast we may progress as singers. Better to take each lesson as a (skill) building block and just absorb as much of the process as we can. 

It is crucial to remember that as long as a person spends time in vocal lessons they will improve- regardless of the amount of time spent in practice. What we know for certain is that the more practice time a student invests- the faster they will progress.

Would love any comments, experience or questions on this topic.