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Using email in the marketing process

You may recall my 6-part series “Making money singing” published here in March/April, 2015 where we explored various ways for singers and musicians to expand their marketing campaign and also find work.

With marketing in minds, let’s now take a look at the email process, and more specifically, interactive email, as a means to expand our marketing, and as an additional way to reach out to our fan base. This great piece on Interactive emails comes courtesy of getresponse.com.



Choosing a microphone

As singers, we typically stay mindful of vocal care and development and all the things that that entails. But it is real easy to overlook the equipment that we use in recording and on stage. So let’s take a look at the primary tool of the singer: the microphone.

Below are two links, each with the focus on Microphones. The link to the Sound on Sound article discusses singers and the choice of vocal mic’s across many music genres, and for the studio as well as performance.

The second link,  rounding sound, provides an expansive look at the five best condenser microphones under two hundred dollars. Condenser mic’s are typically used in recording studios while Dynamic mic’s are used in live performance.  Some great resource information in these two links here to help singers make this important and sometimes tricky decision.





A choral director- and trailblazer for social justice

In some ways this piece is a departure from my other posts, given the focus on choral. But it very much ties in with similar posts here that focus on the importance of music in our society today- at a time when music and the arts are less likely to be counted into school budgets, and when the industry in general has changed drastically in this age of the digital download.

Elaine Brown was Temple University Professor Emerita and choral director from 1948 to 1956; she had a vision for what was best for her students- as singers- and as people. Brown made certain that her choral groups were racial integrated. Given this time in American history- she could be touted as a trailblazer for sure.

This quote from Tara Webb Duey, Director of Development, Center for the Arts, Temple University, really says a lot about the legacy of this woman: “She worked to bring people together- at at time when society wanted to keep them apart.”

In this article, two former students of Elaine Brown reflect on what this Iconic music professor meant to them and how she helped shape their lives.



Check out this great resource for singers and musicians: Hypebot.com

Hey All- wanted to pass on a link to a wonderful online music resource. Hypebot, is a site dedicated to resources for singers and musicians. Within the DIY page are topics such as song copywriting, and also achieving success in the music industry. The Social Media page has several tips on social media and marketing. The Think Tank page has more on marketing, as well as a piece on setting up a recording studio.

Lots of great info here, and this is a site that is kept current so feel free to check back to Hypebot on a regular basis.



A unique opportunity to gain feedback on your songs

Pop Up Music, a music critique service affords you the chance to get your music critiqued and possibly published within film, TV, advertising and gaming. All music styles are welcome. Click through the Pop Up Music hyperlink here for more details: Pop Up Music.


Conquering stage fright

During the the first lesson with each of my students I hand out and discuss a list of vocal-study topics. In this way they have a better perspective on what to expect in upcoming lessons. One of those topics I have titled, “psychology & singing” and this includes many of the emotional aspects of studying voice and music. Invariably, stage fright finds its way into this category.
The link below offers some perspective from the view of a piano player on how to master stage fright. Enjoy!



Why we love music

It’s very enlightening to come across stories on the power of music and then share them with all of you. This story title is: Why we love music.
And the subtitle says so much: Researchers are discovering how music affects the brain, helping us to make sense of its real emotional and social power.

Love it- Enjoy!


More on Vocal health for singers…

Am always glad to pass on along resources to help singers. The page link below is to vocal health.org. The many links at the site will be invaluable to singers at all skill and experience levels. Check especially the bottom of the page for the many links to various topics on vocal health. Enjoy!