Making money signing- part four- The Media market

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The media market is a field that includes jingle singing as well as vocal work in video production of all types. TV radio and film are in this market which also includes corporate work.
Corporate work is typically contracted through audio and video production companies.

Be mindful that radio commercials are produced in audio production companies; TV commercials are produced in video production companies; Films are produced in film production companies.

Jingle Singing is part of the advertising industry. It is the vocal part of radio and television advertising. Whenever you hear vocal on a commercial- it’s a jingle.

Who hires jingle singers? Since advertising agencies typically create radio and TV commercials they are an obvious source of work. When you seek out advertising agencies, be certain that they focus more than 50% in radio or TV. Trade publications such as Advertising Age list advertising agencies geographically, as well contact info and percentage of work.

Audio Production Companies are responsible for the creation of recordings which are used in the jingle market. These companies either own a recording studio or they are affiliated with one. Audio production companies hire writers, musicians and singers on a regular basis.

The nature of each commercial dictates the age and type of singer needed. The more versatile you are as a singer, the more opportunities you will have in the jingle market. It is advantageous, though not essential, that you learn to read music. New York singers are frequently excellent sight readers, but smaller cities and markets typically do not require sight reading.

Recording studios don’t produce jingles exclusively but since they are recorded there investigate which recording studios do jingle work and make contact with them.

If you can make contact with jingle writers they can become a good source of referrals. It’s not so easy to find jingle writers. Be aware as you talk to musicians, and in your overall networking, to ask about jingle writers and how to reach them

Though voice over is not strictly a singing category it is a common source of income for singers. It is the spoken-word part of the audio production. The pursuit of this work is identical to the pursuit of jingle singing. It is not unusual for a vocalist to also provide the spoken word part of a jingle.