There have been a number of articles and papers written over the years on the topic of how music involvement, and more so, music study, has positively affected humans; some of these I have posted here at the blog. This piece takes a more scientific view, which in and of itself is even more assuring to me.

Though this compelling piece puts the primary focus on children and youth, it makes the case later in the article that an active involvement with music benefits a person throughout life.

The title is: The power of music: its impact on the intellectual, social and personal development of children and young people.
The white paper was written by Susan Hallam from the Institute of Education, University of London. Enjoy!

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Summer, hydration and singers

Posted on Jul 21, 2013

Well we all know that proper hydration of our bodies on regular intervals is important but especially during the heat of summer- and now as we roll into the dog days of summer.  

Let’s look back at the wonderful resource from the Duke University Voice Care Center and on page 2 within the link below the topic of hydration is addressed thoroughly.

The lead sentence says so much: “Vocal hygiene” can be thought of as the care and feeding of the voice. It refers to the things we do to keep the voice healthy.

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Vocal Health

Posted on May 3, 2013

Hey all….I want to pass along a wonderful resource on vocal health from Duke University. This is a most comprehensive overview on the proper care of the voice from vocal hygiene, to the voice as we age.

I will come back in time to discuss some of these topics in more detail. I have also added this link to my resource page here on the site.

Vocal Health

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