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How are music royalties calculated and distributed?

Hey all: Thought I would share this great overview from the Music Clout on the music royalty system for songwriters. Though its written as a treatise or white paper it’s a great resource and reference source for you on on how song royalties are calculated and distributed. Enjoy!   https://www.musicclout.com/contents/article-498-the-changing-world-of-music-royalties.aspx… Read More »


Legendary Jazz artists give back

In this season of giving- I thought this piece may be timely. Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock recently found themselves involved in a different form of collaboration; a simple twist of fate you might say, if I may borrow from Bob Dylan with my analogy. Here the jazz legends have… Read More »


A unique view and detailed study of music’s impact on people

There have been a number of articles and papers written over the years on the topic of how music involvement, and more so, music study, has positively affected humans; some of these I have posted here at the blog. This piece takes a more scientific view, which in and of… Read More »


How Children benefit from music lessons

In past posts I had shared here some perspectives from professionals on what music study has meant to their lives as they look back- well on in the careers- having achieved great success in careers outside of music. Still. music was a key part of the learning process for them… Read More »


Singers and the aging process

Ok so this post speaks to anyone who has thought about their age with respect to their involvement in music and singing. Should you have concerns if over a certain age, say 50 or so? I must share that my vocal students at times express concerns about age as it… Read More »


Recording contract opportunities

In the past I have shared  the Music Clout site with my blog readers in instances when MC has promoted various resources that I viewed as worthy for singers and musicians. Here they are offering an opportunity for artists to get their music heard and to possibly get a recording… Read More »


Calling singer-songwriters, Americana, Country and Folk artists

Hey All: Red Train Records is looking to add Country, Folk/Americana and singer-songwriters to their labe. They will provide a vast array of resources to the accepted musicians as well. Red Train has worked with names such as Fiona Apple, Robert Palmer and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Follow the… Read More »


Creating “space” for music- and a sense of community

The trend toward smaller recording studios and away from the big, expensive ones, especially for those singers and musicians with budgetary concerns is nothing new. However this article from the Temple (University) News exposes  a newer trend toward studios that are carved out within existing spaces, and often in more… Read More »


The phenomenon that is “Music City” (Nashville)

Much has been written in recent years about the rise of the music scene in Nashville, from its roots as a country music mecca- to a bustling community of musicians, singers and music business folk from multiple music genres. Now, from City Lab, comes a in-depth look at this urban… Read More »


Songwriter royalties- in the digital age

T Bone Burnett is certainly a “titan” of the music business. An american songwriter, as well as  a soundtrack and album producer since the early 1970s, Burnett has collaborated with the likes of Elton John, John Mellancamp, Roy Orbison, The Wallflowers and Allison Krauss, to name a few. He has… Read More »


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