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Rick Gabe – Vocal instructor-musician-arranger.

Music has always been an important part of my life. I look back over the years to the many wonderful music performances I’ve witnessed and to the many great teachers and family that exposed me to a vast array of unique vocalists, musicians and songwriters. This rich background was an integral part of my music evolution that led to my eventual foray into music instruction. I am so grateful to have this great foundation on which to teach.

One of my fondest memories, early on, was my first-ever performance at the age of 5- as a Frank Sinatra impersonator. From my teens forward, I parlayed my experience as a contemporary vocalist, musician, songwriter and arranger into a variety of musical projects with some amazing musicians and within a variety of genres that span Pop, Rock, Jazz, Jazz Standards, Blues, Folk, R&B and Soul.

My list of his mentors is quite vast, but among the most influential are legendary jazz Guitarist, Chuck Anderson, Fran Lawton, and also my music instructors at Delaware County Community College and Temple University in Philadelphia PA.

Performing for audiences is why we make this grand sacrifice for music. A small sampling of my performance venues include Ortlieb’s Jazzhaus (Philadelphia), Temple University, The University of Pennsylvania, Lincoln Financial Field (Philadelphia) and Disney World, Orlando.

Philosophy of Teaching:

Teaching is a wonderful experience for me; this is work I was truly meant to do! It is immensely gratifying to help students grow and advance their music abilities.

A common question raised by prospective vocal students is “What makes a contemporary vocal instructor different from a traditional classical/Broadway instructor?”

The contemporary approach differs from classical in that there are more sub-divisions of music styles in contemporary such as Pop, Rock, Country, R&B, Blues, Soul and Jazz. And within these wonderful sub divisions we find differences in tone production, rhythmic phrasing and embellishments. It’s a joy to watch my students work with these amazing musical tools and to expand their musical capabilities.

A thorough voice teacher will include at least a bit of music theory to help accelerate the students overall learning and comprehension. Ear training is vital to all music instruction, especially for singers, and is a key element of my vocal fundamental program and is also a key element when we work with songs.

I meet with the student in the first lesson to discuss goals in detail, which then becomes the unique framework for that student’s study program.

Rick’s Artist Page

Take a look at my artist page at Reverb Nation which includes music samples: www.reverbnation.com/rickgabe