Posted on Mar 24, 2014


What is it about people who seem to have a unique tone quality to their singing voice- that we can almost instantly recognize them at first listen?

Bruce Springsteen and Rod Stewart would fit this criteria though it would be easy to refer to them  as “old school.”  A more modern example might be Chris Martin of Coldplay with his mastery of head voice that is so distinctive.

While it would be accurate to say that everyone’s voice is unique,  there are still some singers that are immediately identifiable.

More recently a singer and a band that has really gotten attention, certainly mine, is Rachel Price, lead singer of Lake Street Dive. Rachel has a certain vocal tone that is unique for sure. With Rachel, I hear a bit of a southern dialect blended with a guttural soul and blues that is so powerful.

How does one attain a distinctive voice? A concrete answer to this question is difficult. We can surely say that training along with genetics and then certain cultural and geographic influences are a good start.

I look forward to elaborating more on this topic in future. Would love your comments and suggestions on singers who exhibit unique qualities in their singing.


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