Music polls & the greatest singers

Posted on Aug 22, 2013


I’ve always been fascinated with music polls and especially polls of “the best singers of all time” and how these polls are compiled.

 Whether it’s Rolling Stone, bloggers, websites or any other media outlet, perhaps the specific criteria should be listed? And perhaps they should be listed by music genre, such as the best Rock singers of all time.

Is it misguided to place Michael Jackson or Paul McCartney on the same list as Axel Rose? Clearly, McCartney and Michael, as well as Stevie Wonder have crossed genres much more that Rose. I am intentionally leaving out talent comparisons here, for this blog at least, as talent comparisons from one artist to another can be a lengthy and quite volatile topic.  

I share below a link to a poll from a couple years ago with the title of “The 20 best singers ever”. I have left out my most subjective opinions here, because, well I could go on for days about who is, and who is not listed on a particular poll, and also why a given artist is ranked with a particular number in a list.

As an example, Freddie Mercury is second in this poll while Stevie Wonder is 9th?  Really? And how much weight are record sales given in the rankings? It’s all interesting to ponder- I think.

Check out the link here and send me some comments on this poll. 





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