Would like to shine the spotlight on a wonderful educational, non-profit organization that provides great opportunities for children in Philadelphia through music study and training. This bright star in the Philly sky is “Play on Philly”.

This is a unique music program conducted after-school and during the summer and is designed to help children to learn music and to play an instrument in a warm academic environment under the tutelage of a standout group of instructors. Among the venues that P.O.P ensembles have performed includes the Kimmel Center on the Avenue of the Arts.

The training and resulting life experience that these children receive through their experience at P.O.P is priceless- and an opportunity that their families might otherwise not afford at any private school or music school.

P.O.P was created by CEO, Stanford Thompson, and is modeled after the social development and music education program of Venezuela called El Sistema. P.O.P was established in 2011 at St. Francis de Sales School in West Philadelphia, and the second school quickly followed in early 2013 at 11th and market.

I have had opportunity to sit down and chat with Stanford on a few occasions and have marveled at his enthusiasm and strong drive to make P.O.P grow and be successful. This is an organization that has great momentum and needs more exposure so that it can continue to grow.   

Kudos to Stanford Thompson and the entire P.O.P. organization for making this wonderful idea a reality. See the links here to learn more:




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